Thursday, 1 August 2013

Things I Want For Uni. #001

Things I Want For Uni.

Hi there! 
Sorry i have not been posting recently. I've been up to my eye balls in work and trying to save as much money as i can before i go off to university. 

After Glastonbury festival, i went in to college the next day to collect my end of year results. I got D*DD. I'm so so so proud of myself for achieving them grades. It was a total shock aswell as i thought i would get MMD or something like that. But with them grades i now can start preparing myself for uni which means buying bits and bobs for my new house! 

Here are a few bits and bob which i would like for uni. 

P.S - I promise i will blog more! :') 

Love always,


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  1. YO KATIE!

    I've nominated you for The Liebster Award, it's to help you gain more followers :)

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