Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Glastonbury Shenanigans

Hello lovelies! 
You will be pleased to know, I am no longer a festival virgin. This year, I went into the deep end and went to my first festival at Glastonbury! 
Glastonbury was something which I wanted to do for years. It was even on my 'before I die, I want to..' list. 
I don't know how to sum up Glastonbury in one word; it was that damn good. Seriously guys, if you are thinking you might go to Glasto next year, then DO. Don't even hesitate! 
The walls around Glastonbury makes it into a small, different world; separated from England (even though it is still in England..) Everyone is happy, everyone is so lovely to talk too. Literally, you can just start a real good conversation with the person next to you during Ben Howard- (I talk from experience..) 
The music there is out of this world. The headliners are incredible, I was lucky enough to see most of them. Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Mumford and Sons, Chase and Status, The XX and even a bit of Dizzee Rascal! 
 While I was at the festival, I managed to keep a little notes of all of the acts I saw, what I did, who I met, and what I ate. Kinda weird, but I wanted to remember every single detail! Sadly, it went a bit down hill after Friday.. due to the wonderful taste of alcohol.


My best friend Imogen and her friend from Kendal, Jordan came to pick me up at my house at 1am. Jordan drove us to Corby to catch the mini bus so we could arrive at Glasto at 8am. Met a couple of other people who was travelling with us; Neil, Chloe, Michael, John, Luke/Mono and Mark. After a 7 hour journey we arrived at Glastonbury! I think the worst part was carrying all of our shit to our tent location.. it was hot, tiring and with very little sleep it was hard. It took us 45 minutes to reach to the heart of Glastonbury where we set up camp. After recovering from the journey we set off to explore the festival. I managed to get a free Strongbow cider from these cool guys because I leant them my timetable with all of the artists on as they lost theirs. We also got lost.. and couldn't find our tent- typical me! Sadly, we had an early night as we were all knackered.


Another day of exploring and wondering around the world of Glastonbury. 
Poured down with rain constantly, so we witnessed many mud fights! The toilets were disgusting by Thursday.. I nearly puked in one of them as someone pooped all over the toilet seat.. Thankfully, the toilet men were round every few hours to clean them. 
Tried my first Brothers Cider. Jesus, that cider was strong. I was drunk within my first pint! Can't really remember what happened afterwards... oh. 


THE FESTIVAL FUCKIN BEGINS. Yes. Started off with Beady Eye in the morning while eating some healthy pasta. Oh yeah, at Glasto there are SO SO SO many Vegetarian food stalls. So I was very happy through out the 5 days! Next we went to see Jake Bugg, Enter Shikari, The Lumineers, Bastille, The Vaccines, Foals, The Horrors, Disclosure, and the Arctic Monkeys. Ended the night going to this 'club' tent called Bang Face. It was bloody awesome- full on drum n bass and dance.. Which was surprisingly good! 


Woken up at 8am due to the Dance Arena.. 
Went to see more amazing artists like Ben Howard. People were doing crack at Ben Howard. I also think I was high most of the time just by the smell of weed everywhere! We also saw Noah and The Whale which was so so chill. Imogen, Jordan and I just layed on the grass and listend to Blue Skies and 5 Years Time. So So relaxing man. Next we went to see Daughter. I love Daughter so much, sadly the others didn't like them. Imogen wanted to see Elvis Costello.. He was okay. I guess. Two Door Cinema Club was next, and that was freakin awesome! The night kinda merged together.. I know we went to see Example, who was brilliant! Really knew how to get a crowd going! We also went to see The Rolling Stones. It was so packed, I couldn't even turn my head without bumping it into someone else.. But it was an amazing set. I'm proud to say I have seen The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury. We ended the night with seeing Chase and Status... Jesus, What a performance. The crowds were rough with lots of mosh pits but I survived! I just kept on moving which prevented me from getting hurt. I dance, and drank with so many people during Chase and Status.. It was just full of awesomeness. 


Last day of the festival. *Sad Face* 
We had all of the day just to sit around and relax. Evening soon came and it was time to see Of Monsters and Men. I thought they were average.. They didn't really have any stage presence.. which was a shame, but they were good live! Next it was Vampire Weekend. Still average... Quite disappointed with them really, as I thought they would be better. But hey. Mumford and Sons were soon around the corner and jesus christ they were bloody amazing. As some of you may know, I am the biggest Mumford and Sons fan ever! I couldn't see a great detail due to having so many tall people in front of me and just by being 5ft 2! But I could hear them and that's all that mattered. I even got a cheeky kiss on the cheek by a passing stranger saying "You're hot!" .. Hey, who would know it?! - Day 5 without a shower or anything and I'm still hot apparently! He was probably drunk.. But shh! During the performance I was standing next to this guy who snorted some hardcore drugs.. and god he was so so funny to watch and to talk too! Ended the night with seeing The XX. Again, they absolutely smashed it. The gang and I went to the Arcadia stage to see some awesome Dj's and that was so cool. The stage was like a massive spider which breathed out fire and moved it's arms! It was insane and was such of a great way to end the festival! 


Leaving Day. 
Bags packed, tent down, and time to head out. *CRYING FACE* Thankfully the walk back to the mini bus wasn't so bad as it only took us 15 minutes or so. The journey was good too. Came home looking tanned and looked like I have been aboard which is always a plus!

The memories of Glastonbury Festival 2013 I shall treasure forever. I just feel so lucky to get those tickets. I plan to go to Glastonbury every single year for as long as I can.

It has been the best 5 days of my life so far.

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