Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Shopping in Northampton!

Hey guys! 

First things, i want to say i'm sorry i haven't been blogging at all. I have been up to my eye balls with uni and moving house, i haven't got a chance to blog and tell you what's been happening in my.. 'Exciting' life..

Anyway, today my mum and i had a mother and daughter day out before i go back to uni for good. Being the best mum she is, she treated me to some new clothes! She also treated me to a few beauty and hair care products which i'm yet to try out! 

So, being me.. I left my SLR at uni so please note i didn't take these pictures! 

This is what i got from Topshop:

Knitted Cable Jumper -£46 
Beautiful quality, i seriously can not wait to wear this probably for winter. The material is so warm and such good quality, that i know i will get plenty of wear out of this! 

MOTO black high waisted Jamie jeans- £40
Again, i can not wait to wear these babies! They are so soft and fit perfectly! I would recommend them to anyone! 

Leigh super soft skinny jeans- £38
More jeans! Yay!
Urgh, i know when i will wear these i will just want people to touch my legs! These jeans are ultra soft! They are easy to wear and feel comfortable for everyday activities! 

What i got from Miss Selfridges-

Winter coat- £69

You see, i had my old winter coat for about 2 and a half years now.. So you can imagine what state it is in! So therefore, my mum kindly brought me this beautiful one from Miss Selfridge! 
It's so so warm, i just want it to be cold all the time now so i can even wear it indoors! ;) i know it's a bit pricey, but for the quality of it, it's 100% worth it. 

Remember, you can always get a student discount in Topshop, Miss Selfrige, New look and other high street clothing stores! 

I am also sorry that this isn't very big haul! But i will upload some photos of my new house, and my time in Norwich during freshers week! I shall also be reviewing the hair/beauty products which i got today soon- so watch this space!

Love always,


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