Monday, 24 June 2013

Mini Haul #002

Hello there! 

 Today I went to Leicester with Gemma who is going to be on the same Photography course which I hope to be on in September at Norwich University of the Arts! 
 As Glastonbury is fast approaching, I decided to get a few bits and bobs for it. So here is my mini pre Glastonbury haul. Enjoy!

I first went to Primark as they usually have some good cheap clothes/'travel' essentials in there. I was set out to buy my first onesie, but sadly they didn't have any which I liked. So instead, I got this cute make-up bag where I shall put all of my mini essentials in- handcream, dry shampoo, etc. This was only £3 and it's fairly big, and seems like it is good quality.. I hope.


Next we shopped in Boots, Superdrug and Bodycare to get these essential travel items. Altogether they came to £8.99 So that wasn't so bad, I will need them though!


TOPSHOP SALE. Yes, it is here! Gemma and I love Topshop, so we had to go in! Anyway, in the sale brought this cute cardigan. I realised I don't have many cardigans so buying one couldn't hurt! It has a lovely soft material too it, as well as being really light and it feels such nice quality. This was from £42 down to £25. Bargin Eh?


Next in the Topshop sale, we have this lovely pinafore dress! I have been eyeing this up for ages. But being a student and having no money like all the time, I let it go. When I saw this today, I got so so excited cause it was only £10!!! Yes £10! So I whipped out my last gift card from my birthday and used it on that! It is beautiful. I just tried it on now and it fits perfectly. 

 I won't be blogging that much as I will be at Glastonbury, and straight after Glastonbury I will be in Norwich with my housemates for uni! Won't be blogging at least until the 8th July.

 Have a lovely few weeks! 

Love Always, 


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