Friday, 7 June 2013

15 Facts About Me

Hello there! 
As you can see i have just started up my own blog, so i thought starting with 15 random facts about me is the perfect way to introduce myself! 

15 Facts About Me.

1. I am a vegetarian!
 I have been a vegetarian for 6ish years. Technically, I have been a vegetarian for all of my life, as I was given meat but never ate because I strongly dislike the taste of it. I can't stand the texture and yeah. It's just gross. However, I work in a kitchen at a pub/restaurant and I very much enjoy cooking meat (especially bacon). I would never ever eat it though! Is that weird?!

2. I am 5 ft 2, and have size 3 feet!
I hate my height. I know some people think being a small height is so so cute. But I think the oppersite. Not going to lie, I often think if I was a couple of inches taller I would look thiner, and well a whole lot nicer. Being size 3 feet sucks, mainly because I have to shop in the kids section when going shoe shopping. 

3. When I was 16 on New Years Eve, I plucked all of my eyebrows off.
Yep, that's right. I was very drunk, and thought my eyebrows were hairy so I plucked ALL of them off. I woke up the next morning and was eyebrow less. Which wasn't good as I had to fill them in for like 5 weeks. DON'T DO IT KIDS.

4. I know how to play 5 different instruments.
The violin, flute, keyboard, piano and guitar. When I was little, I wanted to do EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. That included playing all of the instruments. In primary school, I learnt how to play the violin and the recorder (I don't count the recorder as a instrument ..) I gave up the violin because my teacher shouted at me and I cried. In secondary school, I learnt how to play the flute, keyboard and the piano. My flute got stolen at school.. I was very upset about that, and couldn't understand why would anyone steal it?! I had private lessons playing the keyboard and piano with my old best friend's sister. I very much enjoyed them. I am now VERY slowly learning how to play the guitar. I love the guitar so much. It is defiantly one of my favourite instruments. 

5. I'm scared of slugs, snails, frogs and toads.
Just EW. I lierally have a panic attack if I see a slug in the middle of the path.. Yeah. However, I am not scared of spiders. That is crazy right?!

6. For the past 3 years, I really disliked going DOWN the escalator.
I had to have someone literally force me on to the escalator, if there wasn't a lift. I didn't like going down escalators because I was scared of heights.. badly scared, and I always thought I was going to fall down and crack my head. Or my shoe lace to get caught in the escalator  But thank god, I got over my mini fear ;)

7. My first concert was S Club 7.
I think I was about 7 or 8 at the time. Maybe younger. But I was at Skegness or BlackPool beach on holiday at the time and they were playing.. on the beach or something. Can't really remember, but I defiantly know I saw them! Did I mention I was sat on a donkey eating a Mr Whippy Ice-cream at the time while they were playing?! 

8. Norwich, Brighton, Ireland, and London are my favourite places to visit.
For those who don't know, I am hoping to go off to uni at Norwich! (Norwich University of the Arts) 
So I can't flippin' wait for that! Norwich is absolutely beautiful too. Full of small vintage shops and cute coffee places. Brighton is just full of culture and beauty, and honestly I feel 'free' whenever I go there. I've only been like twice?! Ireland is just relaxing, and so so beautiful. London is well.. London. Everyone loves London! If you don't then... WHY NOT?

9, I am rubbish at applying false eye lashes.
I always need someone to help me... :/

10. I live in a town called Kettering.
Yep, Kettering is my hometown; It is poo.
I originally was born in China, but moved to the UK when I was 7 months old! :') 

11. Pizza is my favourite food.

12. I hate tea.
It's just gross. I can't understand why anyone would drink that 'water downed pee.'
But I am a coffee drinker!

13. I love Topshop.
Who doesn't?! Over half of my wardrobe comes from Topshop! 

14. I used to have two goldfish called Mia and Lilly out of the Princess Diaries.
I won them at a fair.

15. I bite my nails.
I started when I was 9?! And I can't seem to stop. I tried EVERYTHING. NOTHING WORKS.
But don't do it. It's a horrible habit. 

Love always, 


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